Basement Remodeling and Repairs

Testimonial: The Gil Family wrote: “Lon, The doors and basement look great! Thank you so very much…” 

Project Details: Remove mold and water damaged drywall from basement. Replace drywall, prime and paint.

During demolition, the client expressed her desire to have more space in the family room. Working together the Gil’s approved an idea to reverse a closet thereby sealing off the wall to provide access to more useable space within the family room and new closet.  We also imbedded plywood to attach/secure a TV wall mount system and provided Mr. Gil with a new electrical supply.

Outcome: Practically, we captured more closet space by reversing it, secured a flexible shelving system, attached a new closet door and provide the Gil’s with access to critical HVAC diverters which were buried by a previous contractor.