Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Repair: 

“Lon, our bathroom exhaust fan is making noise!”  *I snapped this photo yesterday while upgrading 2 bathrooms for a customer.

Did you know? It costs about $250.00 to replace the typical bath exhaust fan and light combo.  Test Yours: Take a toilet paper square and hold it up to the fan if it doesn’t stick, your fan needs cleaning.

In this case, the homeowners fan was loud and barely functioning.  Nearly every time we find a fan this clogged, the unit also has a blocked exhaust.  A blocked exhaust can lead to mold buildup in the bathroom; which was exactly the reason we were redoing two bathroom tiles, grouts and ceiling paint.  And don’t underestimate energy loss – if the vent baffle gets stuck in the “open” position it’s like having a window cracked open year-round!

If your exhaust fan covers filthy then it’s likely the motor is too.  Typically, you can gently pull down on the plastic grate to expose the fan motor. Then with the power off and wearing safety gear, gently vacuum away the dust.  Then use a can of compressed air to blow clean the motor, exhaust baffle and cover grate.

From then on, each time you clean your computer with compressed air, walk into the bathroom and blow clean the vent cover plate.  The unit will run efficiently and quietly too!

Or… let us handle the details, so that you can enjoy each special moment in your home. Call to schedule an appointment.

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