Door Repair and Door Security Up-Grades

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 Door Repair and Security Up-Grades by Ask Lon!

Being burglarized is a terrible experience. I know because it has happened to me. So, I’ve shot a video showing how to install an inexpensive door security up-grade to help lessen the likelihood of it happening again. Additionally, in the past 3 weeks I have been contacted by 3 different customers (one of them even had ADT Security) about break-ins.

In security this philosophy applies: “If you and a friend are being chased by a bear you only need to outrun your friend.”  So let’s make your home visibly more challenging to break into.


  • 85% of all break-ins are through a door
  • It takes 10 seconds for a burglar to kick-in a door
  • An experienced burglar is gone in less than 12 minutes
  • Police response time to a typical home alarm is often greater than 10 minutes
  • 38 percent of assaults and 60 percent of rapes occur during home invasions
  • One in five homes undergoes a home invasion or break-in
  • There are more than 8,000 home invasions every day in North America
  • In 48 percent of home invasions, victims sustain physical injuries
  • Victims age 60 or older make up 17 percent of home invasion victims

Thankfully, added protection does not cost a fortune!

Actually nothing can be done to assure that the professional burglar will be kept out of your home but the good news is that most thieves are not well equipped and therefore look for the quick and easy targets. When they see a solid properly installed lock and door system, and kick one of these door frame supports, they generally move on to a door without them.

It costs approximately 3 times more to repair a door then it does to install improved door security.

Ask Lon combines different systems to make life more challenging for the professional burglar and to help outwit the beginner. Call me now @ 847-636-0771 to inquire about scheduling a free estimate.


Lon Thomas
Ask Lon!