Home Security Alert!

Door jamb repaired IMG_8001

Sadly, repair requests for door and lock replacements due to break-ins continue to grow. Have us install an inexpensive door strengthening deterrent!

Burglars fall into two categories: professionals, who case the neighborhood to target a specific home  and opportunistic thieves, who simply kick-in doors like the one pictured here.  However, the correct lock, properly installed and/or a door jamb security system can deter the pro and hold-off opportunist.

Did you know… Nearly two-thirds of all burglaries involve forced entry, and succeed partly because of flimsy door locks, mounting hardware, and improperly installed door frames?  The pro can spot a cheap lock, which is why The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) strongly recommends using locks Rated 1. These locks are typically commercial grade quality or higher and available from our friends at Rite Lock and Safe.

Thankfully, even poorly performing locks can be significantly strengthened by securing the door jamb and hinge side. These strengthening systems support your doorframe providing improved kick-in resistance.  Call us @ 847-636-0771 for a free consultation of your homes current level of point-of-entry security and cost to install the frame bar pictured above.

Bottom-line, be proactive about home security. Add outdoor lighting, know your neighbors and always deadbolt doors!


Lon Thomas
Ask Lon! Inc