Ice Damming Solutions

Ice Damming

Does your home have large icicles hanging off its gutters?  While it looks beautiful and the kids love to knock them down the problem of ice damming is a much deeper issue than it may first appear.

Temporary Solutions:

  • From the ground, pull snow (above the ice dammed area) off the roof using a specially designed roof rake with wheels that won’t harm the roof.
  • If you have a leak, place a fan in your attic pointed toward the ice dam which will freeze the area and temporarily stop the leak.

But these solutions are temporary – you need to have us provide a permanent solution!

Ice damming is indicative of poor construction, insulation or ventilation problems and possibly lead to serious health related issues in the home. Because ice damming can force water backward and underneath your roofing material it can damage the roof sheathing, cause the wood rafters to rot, and accelerate the deterioration of your insulation – leading to higher fuel bills, the development of mold growth, health problems and costly repairs.

A note about power ventsmany times they won’t do the trick. They are thermostatically controlled and thus do not work in the winter, when it is actually more important to ventilate your attic.

• Reduce unwanted attic heat sources.
• Remove attic heat with proper construction, ventilation and insulation.
• Survey your home for molds and mildews.
• Ask Lon for additional information or support.

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Resources: Bill Thomas – Ron Hungarter at Thor Systems Inc – Do it Yourself Community Forum – Scott Prior Construction