Snow Blower Basic Maintenance Checklist

Snow Day 011






Here’s a general to-do list for most models. Note: Always check the owner’s manual and follow safety instructions.

  1. Install a new spark plug
  2. Drain the old and then add new oil
  3. Replace fuel, oil and/or air filters
  4. Inspect belts for wear and replace as needed
  5. Siphon out gas in tank and within your gas can especially if its more than 6 weeks old
  6. Wipe clean and then lubricate drive and chassis
  7. Inspect auger to assure the rubber is in good condition
  8. Inspect the scraper bar – replace it if it’s over warn
  9. Check for loose bolts and connections

If you’re just too busy – call us and we’ll get that snow blower running!  Ask Lon @ 847-636-0771