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That’s my sister with her grandson who’s hunting for his perfect Christmas tree, and so continues a wonderful family tradition.  BTW, real trees have advantages over artificials in that they are a renewable resource, support American agriculture and the local tax base as well, so it’s keeping jobs here. At family owned tree farms, you will also find an assortment of locally made gifts to pass from generation to generation. Here’s a link to find a family tree farm near you – start your tradition today @:  

Fun Facts:

  • For every Christmas tree harvested up to three seedlings are planted
  • Last year 60 million trees were planted by farmers
  • 500,000 acres of production Christmas trees provide the daily oxygen requirements of 18 people
  • Trees help secure the landscape from unwanted slides and erosion
  • Trees provide wildlife habitat 
  • Pines provide shade for other plants, block the wind, look great and smell wonderful
  • Real trees are 100% recyclable when donated to a recycling center –  Note: Please don’t throw them in the garbage!
    • Chipping material used as mulch or to sustain hiking trails
    • Stabilization of shorelines or new fish habitat
    • Cook County uses recycled Christmas trees to rebuild housing structures for natural wildlife that have been destroyed through urban development.

Sad Facts:

Roughly 80% of artificial trees are produced in Asia. Made of non-biodegradable materials which eventually find their way to American landfills where they remain for centuries. When you factor in the energy consumption needed to produce, pack and ship artificials, then add on the pollution discharged – forget about it!

Finally, should you need help with electrical wiring, tree/decorations set-up or tree removal please give us a call.  

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