How to Tile over Concrete

How to tile a concrete floor

Is the Concrete Slab Ready?

A concrete slab must be fully cured, flat, and free of active cracks and clean of oil, grease, wax and/or certain paints/stains prior to tiling.

Further, large “active” cracks and unleveled surfaces must be addressed and repaired by a professional prior to tiling.

Test the absorption of the slab by pouring a little water across concrete – if it soaks in, you’re ready for the next step.  If the water beads up, try using tri-sodium phosphate (follow manufacturer’s direction) and/or paint the surface with RedGard like product.

We also highly recommend the use of Schluter DITRA uncoupling membrane when tiling with ceramic, stone or any nonporous  surface.

This project is really not for the novice so visit your local tile store for instruction and tool rental.

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