Shocking Water Damage

Exterior window sill flashing caulk failed, creating what Water streakingappeared as innocent waterlines (streaks) on interior paint confined to rooms on the 4th and 3rd floors each time it rained. We were hired to determine the cause and conduct repairs.  We began by removing a length of baseboard trim and cut open drywall behind it. Eventually, over 2 floors, we located damaged subfloor (beneath carpet), stud wall (beneath drywall on 2 levels), a wet header, baseboard trim, drywall all were soaked and some areas had onset mold.  The aforementioned “exterior flashing” was the source and the customer approved repairs.  For the record “Water Should Never Come in Contact with Drywall.”  Had the homeowners not been diligent, mold could have exploded behind the walls creating a real health hazard for the family.  So, if you notice interior moisture damage call me immediately to schedule an investigation.   Lon @ 847-636-0771.

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